Another Part Of Me…

For over a year, I have been searching for different parts of me. What makes me the person I am. Becoming a mom has thrown a wrench in my self-discovery process. I’ve been projecting this ideal of a perfect mother on myself and I’m just here to say I’ve finally learned my lesson. Perfection is crap. It’s not attainable. I am who I am and I should be proud of the person I’ve grown into.

So, one giant thing that has made me the person I am is my blog. It’s also a huge part of me that has been missing. I have afraid to write more because “who wants another Mommy blog”. All in all, it would make me feel awesome to have many readers, but the truth is- I write for myself. It makes me feel better, it gives me life and inspiration. Plus, many people in my life are parents, or becoming parents, or planning to- anyways, this is the chapter in my life… MOMMYHOOD. So, I’ve decided that even if the only person that reads this is my mom, I’ll be a happy camper.

One of my 2016 resolutions was to write more. Well, here it is- June and I’m writing my first entry. Sheesh. Nothing like letting 6 months go by before you get a jump on your resolutions. I put the pro in procrastinate. So, basically I am telling y’all that I’m back. For my own sanity and well being. I’m writing for me, but I hope you read and enjoy it, too!!!!

Keep your eyes out for more entries from the wonderful world of Carrie. I also realized I should update my profile/about me page. Anyways, get ready….

Light and Love,



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