From the Halls of Montezuma… Where in the world is that?


One thing that has obviously been on my mind a lot is the fact that my husband is deploying. Many things about this are unsettling for me, but I am not focusing on the negative, true to my nature I am looking at this with rose-colored glasses. I know that many people are worried that I will not deal well with this time ahead of me, but I assure everyone there is nothing to worry about. There are certain things I understand will happen.

1. I will go an uncertain amount of time without hearing from him.

2. I will have days when I feel lonely.

3. I will be responsible for my house and it will be up to me to find solutions to any problems that arise.

It make be naive of me to think that I was chosen for this role. It could have been a happy mistake that I married a Marine, or it could be something that destined for my entire life. I prefer to look at the second of the two ideas. I have no doubt in my mind that I am strong enough to deal with this. I feel like I was born to stand beside my man and hold down the fort while he’s gone. I would not have signed up for this job of Marine wife if I thought for a second I couldn’t do it.

Semper love

I am finally in a place where I am secure in my relationship. I do not wonder if my husband loves me or finds me worthy of love. I know he does, and I understand that I am. I know that even though we will be miles away from each other, there is a bond between us that distance cannot sever. Not only am I secure in my relationship, I am also secure in who I am. I know that being alone is something I can do. I have things of my own, goals, that I want to do while he’s away.

1. I will be finishing my Bachelor’s degree.

2. I will be obtaining my Zumba instructor certification and finding places that I can teach.

3. I have a whole house to decorate, paint, and make my own.

4. I will develop a closer friendship with my girls, Melissa, Angela, and Jubee.

5. I plan to go to Ohio a few times to visit my family. I’m already looking at the calendar right now!

6. I would like to take a long weekend and fly to Boston and spend time with my mother and father in law. I’d also like to see the extended family up there, Jbid, Artie K, Sarven, Tantig, Anais, Mich and Do and of course the lovely little ladies, Gracie and Alyssa!


I swear we are all in here, you just have to look hard. P.S. Best Wedding Ever!

7. I plan to do some exploring on the coast. There are a ton of things to see down here and I plan to get my camera out and have some fun.

I know that I can do this, my to do list is long, my support system is beyond amazeballs, and lastly I have become my own best friend and I am ok alone. It’s a new transformation for me, Carrie, the Marine wife. I’m learning the ropes, the lifestyle, the culture, and I’m doing it with class and grace. I learned that from the women in my life (thank you Lis, Grandma, Cass, and Wells!). I will make you just as proud of me, as you are of our Marine. Do I dare say it? I do….SEMPER FI!

semper_gumby_motto_square_stickerI was told this is the Marine Wife Motto meaning Always Flexible. šŸ™‚

Light and Love,



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